Have You Been Charged a $350 Copay for an ER Visit?

Have You Been Charged a $350 Copay for an ER Visit?

We’re looking for examples of members or their covered dependents who have been:

1) charged a $350 co-pay at the Emergency Room, after being admitted and stayed at the hospital for more than 24 hours… or
2) charged a $350 ER co-pay at the Emergency Room, after being sent there by the family doctor or by an Urgent Care office… or
3) charged for “out-of-network” services at the ER because the care provider on staff at that time was not “in-network”.

There is an active grievance filed against inappropriately charging the $350 ER copays and we’re looking for examples of such incidences from all 12 breweries.

If any of this has happened to you, or to your covered dependents – please contact the Union office and give us some details on the incident and what, if any, resolution was reached.

Food Bank Fund Raiser Ends December 17

By all accounts the Local 267 Christmas party at the Elks Lodge on Dec 6th was a huge success. With 10% of ticket sales added to our annual Larimer County Food Bank drive, we have met the minimum $1000 in donations to match with $1000 from our general fund.

But, as it happens each year, we reached the first $1000 mostly through the generosity of a dozen or so members. The Food Bank could sure use all the help it can get and I hope we can come through for them.

Those in need, especially with young’uns, appreciate what Local 267 tries to do over the Christmas holidays. The food bank tells us this is the hardest time of the year for them to raise the funds they need. It’s likely because we all get so busy around this time and everyone feels tapped out on charitable donations. I’m hoping we can step up the effort at the brewery between now and next Wed?

You can help us / help them with a donation in cash, check or go to the food bank web site and donate by credit card and turn in a receipt and we’ll count that as part of our overall Local 267 donation. You‘ve heard this before I know, but it’s true – even a couple bucks – everything helps.

Important Health Care Benefits Changes Coming

Members may log in and view information concerning the changes in health care coverage that will go into effect for all active and retired employees Jan 1, 2015.

Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

While we seemed to have been in a perpetual state of negotiations over the last 6 months; the business of the local went on, including the processing of our college scholarship programs. We are proud to announce this years award recipients:

Local 267 Scholarship of $1000: Natalie Tanner, (daughter of Tom Tanner); Justine Keblesh, (daughter of Jerry Keblesh); and Megan Lipe, (daughter of Karleen Murphy).

AB/Brewery Conference of Teamsters Scholarship of $1000: Sophie Griggs, (daughter of Fred Griggs); Natalie Tanner, (daughter of Tom Tanner); Justine Keblesh, (daughter of Jerry Keblesh); and Megan Lipe, (daughter of Karleen Murphy).

Congratulations to all our award recipients for all their hard work and to all our members who are surely very proud of them. Howie

DEADLINE past for AB/Brew-Conf Scholarships

Along with the Local 267 scholarships and the James R Hoffa scholarships, the joint AB-Teamster scholarship applications will be available at the brewery. Contact the People department for more details. All of these scholarships have a deadline fast approaching, to get applications and all required documents submitted – so don’t delay.

Update on the Labor Agreement, March 23, 2014

Teamster members may log in for a quick update.