Important Health Care Benefits Changes Coming

Members may log in and view information concerning the changes in health care coverage that will go into effect for all active and retired employees Jan 1, 2015.

Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

While we seemed to have been in a perpetual state of negotiations over the last 6 months; the business of the local went on, including the processing of our college scholarship programs. We are proud to announce this years award recipients:

Local 267 Scholarship of $1000: Natalie Tanner, (daughter of Tom Tanner); Justine Keblesh, (daughter of Jerry Keblesh); and Megan Lipe, (daughter of Karleen Murphy).

AB/Brewery Conference of Teamsters Scholarship of $1000: Sophie Griggs, (daughter of Fred Griggs); Natalie Tanner, (daughter of Tom Tanner); Justine Keblesh, (daughter of Jerry Keblesh); and Megan Lipe, (daughter of Karleen Murphy).

Congratulations to all our award recipients for all their hard work and to all our members who are surely very proud of them. Howie

DEADLINE past for AB/Brew-Conf Scholarships

Along with the Local 267 scholarships and the James R Hoffa scholarships, the joint AB-Teamster scholarship applications will be available at the brewery. Contact the People department for more details. All of these scholarships have a deadline fast approaching, to get applications and all required documents submitted – so don’t delay.

Update on the Labor Agreement, March 23, 2014

Teamster members may log in for a quick update.

Bargaining Update Inside

There is an important message from Brewery Conference inside. Members may log in for more information.

Update – Weekender Dues Rate

I have received a couple comments on the last post regarding the new dues rate for Weekenders. I appreciate them all and have replied to them individually. But just as an update on the dues structure, the Eboard has decided to delay the implementation of the new rate until May when we traditionally adjust all the dues rates in all classifications to coincide with negotiated raises in wages. Due to the current Labor Agreement set to expire at the end of this month, we do not know what will transpire in May – so for now, we are just going to hold off on the new rate for a couple more months. Howie